About Jack Cuneo


"I believe that we all have the potential to love our bodies and our lives. I believe we are all capable of creating amazing, intentional, life-affirming things. I envision a world in which we work, play, serve, and teach as if these things were art. And with everything I do, I strive to bring these beliefs and visions to life in the world."

Practicing with Jack is about illumination – exploring beliefs and expanding the boundaries of body, mind, and spirit. His style combines traditional asana with playful movement and is infused with devotion, reverence and depthless experiential knowledge. His instruction is direct, methodical, and full of sly humor. Expect to laugh, work hard and steadily progress toward transformation.

Jack guides from years of study with teachers’ teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara styles. Although he is known for his capacity to perform almost every yoga posture, his instruction emphasizes the potency of practicing fundamental biomechanics with ever-increasing awareness and strength. He empowers students to forge a dynamic and graceful relationship with themselves – simultaneously loving who they are and striving for who they wish to become. Jack aspires to become a twinkly-eyes old man living on a mountain, infuriating visitors seeking straight answers by instead posing pithy, penetrating questions.

Jack serves as an Chief Marketing Officer for Kindness Yoga, a successful family of locally-owned studios in Denver, Colorado. He teaches public asana classes, workshops, yoga teacher seminars and trainings in Denver, Boulder, and beyond.

The Story:

When I was younger, I was a natural athlete. Most of my identity and self-esteem was built upon my speed and strength. But in my early twenties, I suffered a string of debilitating injuries that made walking difficult and sitting painful. My body was filled with inflammation and my spirit was crushed. It felt as though my own body had betrayed me. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I hated myself for awhile there.

One day - on a whim more than anything - I hobbled into Bristol Yoga in Bristol, VT and ended up sharing my story with the owner and teacher, Christine Hoar. Today I call that encounter my "twelve-step moment" because I admitted my feelings of powerlessness while breaking down in a rather dramatic fashion. Christine was steady and sweet with me. She kept things simple. The only thing she said was: "I think yoga can help. Come here as often as you can."

Those yoga classes were the first thing that empowered me to take control of my own recovery. I needed to have faith in something, so I poured everything I had into my new practice.

It was months before I felt any measurable relief in my body. But after just a few days my friends began remarking that my outlook had changed. I was talking as if I had been healed. I felt healed. I felt healed because although my body would take years to rebuild, yoga was already helping me to confront my grief and take responsibility for my emotions and my life.

Today, I still work hard to keep my body strong and pain-free. But I'm happy to say I no longer need to practice out of desperation. Instead, I get to practice with sheer joy and creative absorption. I've learned to instruct yoga with the guidance of several mentors (especially Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell). I teach what I have learned: that the world can feel painful and it can feel pleasant. It can seem sensical and it can seem absurd. And if I build the capacity to have fun and comfortably embody those extremes and everything in between, I can find freedom, humor, and happiness. Yoga practice helps. It's that simple.

Students & Teachers Say...

"He is honestly one of the best teachers I've ever had. He has an incredible ability to break down skills into manageable pieces, which allows his students to do much more than they ever thought possible. I have taken a ton of ideas from his classes and implemented them in my own classroom."

"He's an inspiring teacher. His love of and dedication to this practice shines through in every moment. I've been falling in love with yoga all over again."

"He is brilliant. I love and hate his classes."

"Jack's classes are absolutely and literally amazing. I feel honored that I have the opportunity to practice with him." 

"He's a terrific person - smart, funny, patient, and committed to good yoga and sharing brilliance and his hard work with all his students."

"He has a way of helping me see and feel even the simplest poses is a whole new light, and also pushes me to try new things and advance my practice. It's a bit humbling, but gives me something to work toward as a student and as a teacher!"

"Very fun and quite challenging! I appreciate that whether someone is starting their practice or has been been doing yoga all their life, Jack's class offers insight for people of all levels."

"I'm very happy to be here. Jack is an amazingly talented guide."

"When I say he's a hardass, I mean it in the best possible way. He challenges me to be better in all ways and knows just where to give me a push."

"Jack really encourages his students to strive for their best and he does it in a way that has you coming back for more! I can’t thank him enough for the help and insight he has already provided for me."