Private Yoga Instruction


Personalized, one-on-one yoga instruction allows for a different level of transmission between teacher and student. It might be the original method of yoga instruction. It's certainly one of my favorite ways to teach!

I believe that every student needs something different from their yoga practice. As such, my approach emphasizes empowering you with actionable knowledge. I prefer to think of myself as a guide, and tailor each session to get you feeling, thinking, and creating your own avenues for success. You can expect homework, prescriptions, and multiple innovative ways to approach your challenges and goals.

My objective is always to help you develop the yoga that is right for YOU, so that your practice becomes like a rising tide that can lift all boats in your life. With intention and dedication towards a guided personal practice, every future experience with yoga can be more satisfying, potent, and aligned with your own urgent needs and deep desires.

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