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Turn the Wheel: Group Practice with Jack and Nichol Chase

Once upon a time, Jack Cuneo and Nichol Chase met and bonded over awesome asana at a training with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell in Tucson, Arizona.

Now, just a few times each year, they get together in Denver to lead an under-the-radar group practice emphasizing delicious, deep poses suitable for students of advancing ability and curiosity. And you can join them! 

On November 30 from 2:00-4:30pm, come to Kindness Hilltop for the great company of other dedicated practitioners while Jack and Nichol guide you towards Mandalasana. You'll progressively open your thighs, groins, outer hips, and hamstrings. You'll work on deep and difficult inversions. And you'll practice immense spinal balance and articulation as you move towards walking your feet in a circle around your head.

Please note: this practice is not an official Kindness Yoga workshop and is open to friends, fellow teachers, and students who are comfortable kicking up to the wall in handstand, practicing Urdhva Dhanurasana with straight(ish) arms, and know how to care for their cervical curves in headstand.

There's no cost. This is just for fun and for community. But we've been asked about donations before... so yes, you can donate if you really want to :) Or bring snacks for everybody.

Nichol Chase is part of the next generation of truly exceptional yoga instructors in the United States. Her practice is sublime, her facilitation skills polished. She lives in Los Angeles and teaches at YogaMazé alongside world-renowned asana teacher Noah Mazé.

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