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Use the Props, Luke

A long time ago, on a continent far, far away...

A fiery yoga master named BKS Iyengar, frustrated by his inability to consistently convey the teachings to his pupils, started grabbing cinderblocks and belts to aid them in their efforts. He wasn't simply trying to make poses easier to perform. He was pointing towards a power of awareness and creativity that can transform a yogi's relationship to the body, environment, and spiritual development. Thus the precursors to modern yoga straps, bolsters, and blocks were born!

In this workshop, you'll experience a whole new galaxy of asana variations - using props to modify or deepen sensation in every single pose. Expect to practice the full spectrum of yoga postures including standing poses, twists, folds, backbends, arm balances, and more. Get inspired and cultivate an attitude of adventure and fun!

This workshop is designed to challenge and intrigue yogis of all levels. Whether you're a posture padawan or seasoned Jedi, expect to laugh, work hard, feel deeply, and walk out much stronger and lighter than when you walked in.